Annual Report 2016

Vision and Mission


Beter Bed Holding is an active player, as an omnichannel retailer, in the retail and wholesale markets for beds and mattresses. Europe, in the broadest sense, is its playing field. All retail formats have, to a greater or lesser degree, a ‘value-for-money’ positioning, supported by extensive customer service, regardless of the market in which the individual chain operates. The group strives for market leadership in all countries in which it is active.

The essence of its vision statement can be formulated as follows:

In every country in which we operate, we intend to become the market leader in the 'value-for-money' segment in the bed and mattress market, in a socially responsible manner.


Beter Bed Holding’s raison d’être and drivers can be expressed in the following mission statement:

Each day, there is nothing that inspires and motivates us more than ensuring that all our customers can sleep soundly and comfortably at an affordable price:

‘Hard at work on a good night’s rest’