Annual Report 2016

Staff and organisation

The group had 2,765 employees (FTE) on 31 December 2016. There were 2,513 employees at year-end 2015. The increase was caused primarily by the acquisition of Sängjätten and the organic growth in almost all countries and the expansion of the omnichannel activities of the group as a whole.

The quality of the services and our employees' focus on service largely determine the success of the retail formats of Beter Bed Holding N.V. A customer-friendly approach, a first-time-right and a KPI focussed attitude, and speed of delivery are crucial for our reputation and the results. This is why we continuously focus attention on the training and development of our employees in both the commercial and operational fields.

Employees working in both the retail organisation and in logistics are given training with respect to product knowledge and behaviour. In addition, employees are given scope to complete individual training and educational programs when necessary.

In 2016, a leadership program was launched in the Benelux and 360-degree assessments were introduced. Management positions are filled with local employees in all countries. The company furthermore seeks to have a larger number of women in management positions. The organisation currently has ten women (29%) in top management positions (2015: 25%).