Annual Report 2016


The Supervisory Board and the Management Board subscribe to the principles for good corporate governance as laid down in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. The Supervisory Board and the Management Board recommend that shareholders and other stakeholders review these documents on A full overview of all best practice provisions is available on this website, stating whether or not the company complies with these individual provisions. The notes included here relate to the Code as amended by the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee in December 2008.

The new corporate governance code was presented in December 2016. Beter Bed Holding will render account on the basis of the new code in the annual report 2017.

Our policy has resulted in the following documents:

  • Supervisory Board regulations.
  • Audit Committee regulations.
  • Remuneration Committee regulations.
  • Management Board regulations.
  • Code of Conduct.
  • Share option scheme.
  • Whistleblower policy.
  • Investor Relations policy.

These documents are also available on the website referred to above.

As usual, Corporate Governance and each substantial adjustment in the corporate governance structure of the company and in its compliance with the corporate governance code will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for discussion under a separate agenda item during the Annual General Meeting on 18 May 2017.  

The full text of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code is available on